Friday, March 26, 2010

1 0 0 T H I N G S I L O V E A B O U T Y O U

1. I can tell you care for me as much as i care for you.
2. Your an all around good person.
3. Your gorgeous inside and out.
4. We can talk about anything together no matter what it is.
5. Your understanding.
6. Your forgiving.
7. Your always up-lifting and can always turn my frown upside down :)
8. Your strong (inside + out) you can get thru any situation and come out an even stronger person in the end.
9. Your always honest with me (i think so)
10. The feeling i get when im around you is irreplacable.
11. You make me feel safe + protected. ALWAYS.
12. Your my best friend. I feel like we just go together.
13. You always put me first .
14. Your thoughtful/sweet
15. The s**! we dont even need to get into that ;p
16. When your running late for something and you jump out of bed 90 mph and fall all over the place.
17. Your tall! makes up for my height ;)
18. You look sexy when u sweat .
19. You always keep your word .
20. Your comforting .
21. You always get us out of tight situations :)
22. That frown smile thing you do when your embaressed .
23. Sleeping in your arms .
24. Waking up by your side .
25. Watching shows i dont even like with you ;D
26. I can trust you.
27. Your smile can always make me smile ;)
28. Wrestling with you … you always win .
29. You being patient with me when i fuss about the sheets before goin to sleep.
30. Your sense of humor .
31. Your caring .
32. Your cool and relaxed .
33. Adventurous .. up for anything.
34. Your massages. Especially stomach massages :)
35. Seeing you happy ; if your upset, i cant help but feel upset too.
36. How you always take good pixs !
37. We think alike .
38. Being a major part of your life.
39. Seeing u wear deodorant everytime before goin out .
40. Your brave.
41. Taking naps with you.
42. Having each others back no matter what.
43. Sleeping on top of you on the couch.
44. You smell good.
45. Your sarcasm :)
46. When you kiss my forehead .
47. Cutting your nails :)
48. Your messy hair .
49. Your love for your family.
50. Your always calm + stress free and even if your not, it doesnt show.
51. Fun to be around.
52. We always fight, but we really never have a reason to.
53. Your sexy sideburns :)
54. Our alone time.
55. Your acceptence.
56. Nothing compares you to any guy ive met.
57. You make me feel secure.
58. Squeezing your black and white heads on your nose :)
59. Your body .
60. The way you make me laugh and smile even when I’m mad at you.
61. You like keeping relationships.
62. Your respectful.
63. Your clean .
64. Your wet hair after you had a shower.
65. Showering with you :)
66. We communicate well.
67. I love sitting on your laps when you are using the computer.
68. How you can sleep like a rock! – Music blaring xD
69. You were my first for this along with a lot of other things.
70. When you are mad at me. I love seeing your face :)
71. How we would walk for miles just to spend time together.
73. You have manners when u eat.
74. How you always wanna be with me.
75. When you hug me and it feels like you never wanna let go .
76. When you kiss me.
77. When u sleep nakieee ;))
78. How u let me wear your t-shirts .
79. Your wild! we got some crazy times ;](chasing each other across town)
80. Your always there when i need you most , or just sumone to talk to.
81. Your always yourself + you dont try being someone your not.
82. Your open + you say how you feel – you dont hide your emotions and you should never feel like you have to because ill never judge you b ;)
83. You think your lucky to be with me when i feel like IM the lucky one .
84. I love your stinky breath in the morning.
85. Feeling like ive known you a lot longer than i actually have.
86. When you repeat your self till you know im listening.
87. I love hugging u and resting my head on your chest.
88. How were both willing to try new things together .
89. How you mix up your legs together with mine when we're sleeping .
90. You never let me stay upset; you talk to me until an issue is resolved .
91. Did i mention your eyes are the most gorgeous thing ive ever seen ?
92. Also im jealous of your eyelashes.
93. When you sleep talk :)
94. How you hold my hand when we're crossing a road.
95. Enjoying your company no matter what.
96. When you sleep diagonally across your bed and leave me with an inch or room.
97. How we can get through anything together.
98. How i still get butterflies when im around you.
99. We never get bored with each other.
100.I love that you now like anything associated with monkeys simply because they remind you of me.

B, I know that we've been having kind of a rough patch lately and neither of us is exactly at our happiest place in life at the moment, but I also know that we are stronger than this.

No matter how bad things get, you've always been the one reason that I am thankful for my life everyday and I wouldn't wanna trade places with anyone. I hope I am the same to you.

I love you, whole-heartedly.

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