Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Im reluctant in knowing that when something bad happens to me there is always gonna be something exciting that will make me smile in the near future. But the thing is. It never does. When something bad happens. The tragic woes to exaggerate even more. From one tiny little spot to an enormously big one. Lately, my sleep has been terrorized by a series of recurring bad dreams. TERIBBLE dreams. This has been going on for the past two weeks or so. Thus explaining the troubled sleepless nights ive been having. And i blame it all on the long-boring 3 weeks semester break im having. Ive been moping around all day.The same old monotony repeating itself. With nothing to do, causing my mind to wander of into the kinds of thoughts that you wouldnt want to know. Also causing the non-stop never ending fights we have been having a lot lately. Ok ,so back to the dream. Without going into the details, let me just say that it always ends up with me waking up in panic attack and sweat all over me. The kind of dream u have that the minute u wake up, you rush for your handphone. Calling the one person that your so scared to loose. And back again to my insecureness issues. Haihhhh all the pain, and all the dreams that ive been having. Belive me it feels horribly real.

Its like im being purposely made to feel the slow, agonizing sensation of knowing that when it comes to reality, Im just a helpless nobody that is falling to my inevitable demise.

Dreams are just what makes you learn that, there is never a happy ending.

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