Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I remember,the fisrt time we met,i had a crush on you and i was thrilled when u said hye .
I remember how u use to walk me up till the top of bukit cine and kissed me on the cheeks before saying goodbye.
I remember we use to talk all night on the phone and waking up late the next day.and how call waiting was an absoloute NO for us. I remember that time i skipped school just so that we could go out and eat breakfast and lunch together. I remember the bike rides that we have in the evenings going around town and how i purposely came down with my bike so that you have to carry my bike for me all the way back up . I remember that we love to have fights everytime we get on a bus but ending up making fun of each other and laughing our heads off . I remember everytime we watched a muvi together you always make fun of me when i cry at the sad scenes . I remember that u always remember how i hate seat windows on the bus and how u always complain when we go on a transnasional bus because the space between the seats are too small and your legs couldnt fit . I remember pissing you off by always calling your name even when there'e nothing just because i like seeing u response. Lastly , i cant remember when was the last time i said thank you to you . so now i want to say THANK YOU so much for being in my LIFE . your the best :)

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