Friday, February 26, 2010


Here i am again. Making a fool of myself, waking up at the crack of dawn. With the feeling of indugence happiness overfilling my senses. Getting ready an dashing of to the nearest place where i can get WI-Fi just so i could spend some time with him. Eventho internet is just a meer place where we could connect and spend time. But still its my best part of living here. Just goin online with the anticipation that he will be online too. Wasting time., talking about no nonsense stuff and mayb sometimes the akward fights the akward heart to heart conversations that happens once in a blue moon. Being in love somtimes isnt that great. You fall in love, you expectations sometimes can be too unconditional. You expect the best out of everything and when it dosent turn out the way that you want it to. You just go drowning in your sorrows. The feeling of self hatred arise from the bottom of your soul .

Im in my own self-denial.

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