Tuesday, February 23, 2010


As I turned twenty-two,
I decided that I needed to vent and relive some of the things of my past.
That is exactly what this story is for me, a way to remember and to relive everything and in the end to forgive anyone that I still have not forgiven.
For many twenty two-year-olds there isn't much of a story to tell of their past or of their present, but my story is one that should have been used for a soap opera because of all the twists and turns that ended up coming my way.
But through it all I have tried to keep my head held high and my smile aglow.
I am not one, these days, to let the little things in life get my down.
You will never hear me say that my day is ruined because it's raining or that I'm upset because something broke. Sure I might be....disappointed....but that's all, because after seeing all I have seen and doing all I have done it takes a lot to make me sad. A little rain, some broken glass, or even some hurtful words are not enough to make me cry.

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