Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This past weekend has been alright, I guess. But there was this one bitch that made me in PMS mode the entire time; the tummy aches and the headaches and the fatigue plus the sudden overwhelming urge of wanting to kill that certain someone but they are too far away. So leading me into a ridiciously angsty mess. Plus this also consume to the fact that i lost my appetite, my self feeling of happiness. Im not really a blogger type of person. I am a more sit down and watch what u say person. Although i have the tendecy to be a loud and imaculate around people who im close with. Going from extremes of being a highly-motivated bunny one moment to a bitter demoralized loser the next, really did take a toll on my volatile self. Yes. i shifted the whole blame of my being teribble at this stress management shit to the fact that i was in a state of turmoil decay today. To my loving boyfriend. Im sorry about the mess.

Oh and ive been ratting this thru my brain the whole day. How much is a lie worth?
I loathe liars. Theres a special hell in my heart for scums like that; but
Hey, retaliation comes in twisted ways. So better watch ur back.

I know i lie too.

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